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Showing 1 - 72 of 93 items

Waist Harness - Women

The harness is one of the most important purchases in your kite gear and should therefore fit absolutely perfect.

Optimal fit is particularly important for a women's waist harness as the harness covers a relatively small area on the back and thus has to transfer the brute force of the kite well.
In no case buy a men's waist harness in a smaller size, as the proportions will not fit. The special ladies waist harnesses achieve noticeably more comfortable results.

In general, you have much more freedom of movement in a waist harness than in a seat harness.
In addition, the harness hook is closer to the center of gravity, which offers great advantages especially in rotations.
The waist harness must be very tightly closed, to ensure a good grip. You most certainly will think it`s too tight at the beginning.
As soon as the kite pulls on the waist harness, the situation relaxes noticeably and you realize why it has to be tied up so tight at the beginning.