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Showing 1 - 72 of 412 items


The classic Twintip Kiteboard is usually the first kiteboard you will buy.

There are twintips in endless different lengths and shapes. Very few Twintip Kiteboards are unsuitable for beginners.

The first twintip for kite beginners is a lightweight kite board. The bigger the board, the easier it will be for you to get started with kitesurfing.
Logically, with a lightwind kiteboard, you'll be able to ride a lot faster and learn to go upwind faster than by starting with a small sport kiteboard.

Every Freeride, as well as Freestyle / Freeride Kiteboard is easy to handle for every beginner. Always assuming, of course,
that you have already made some progress on your lightwind / beginner kiteboard and ride relatively good. The exact driving characteristics of the boards are of course explicitly listed in each description.
If there are still questions after all, please call us. Our expert staff has already tested and compared most Twintip Kiteboards from our assortment to give you the best possible advice.

For the more experienced among you, we also have a large selection of purebred freestyle and wakestyle twintip kiteboards in stock.
Of course, we also have the right bindings for the radical wakestyle riders.

We stock all the major twin tip kiteboard brands like North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Nobile, Gaastra GA-Kites, Liquid Force, Spleene, Brunotti, Tona, Core, JN, Carved, Wainman, RRD, Vampires and Slingshot.