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    Kite replacement lines

    Are you in need of replacement lines for your kite or your bar? Only a matter of time, because lines are among the most heavily used parts on the kite.
    Wind, weather and wear of use increase the length of short or long lines. Here you will find suitable replacement lines of all current top brands, models and replacement lines of any use and length.
    Replacement lines for the bar: Bar repair from depower rope to the Safty line renewal - We gladly repair everything that could break.
    For bar repairs, we also manufacture new depower ropes, Safety lines, knot ladders, leashes and of course always according to specification to match your bar in the best quality.

    Come to us or send us your broken bar and we will carry out a corresponding bar repair, line replacement under consideration of all safety relevant points.

  • Drysuit spares
  • Valves

    Kite valves & valve replacement in Berlin

    We can carry out any kind of kite valve repair in Berlin, from the complete renewal of all valves to the welding in of new bladder elements with valve.
    Leaking valves or valves that are detached from the bladder are released from the bladder and then re-glued or welded with new kite valves from various manufacturers in specific forms.

    The combination of the soft, elastic bladder material and the harder kite valve is often defective. We decide depending on the number of defective valves (depending on the number of struts),
    which is the cheapest way for each kite valve repair. Doesn´t matter if the exchange of a single or all valves of a bladder is necessary, we carry out any kite valve repair in Berlin.

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    Replacement bladder

    We repair all kites and bladders here in Berlin. We can completely replace any type of bladder and just weld smaller peices. It does not matter if the bladder is torn open after a fronttube burst
    or if your welds are no longer tight. We remove sections, the area is then replaced with new Bladdermaterial, leaking welds are rewelded or already rewelded Bladdermaterial can be replaced.

    We implement everything on request and decide whether a repair or new production of the bladder makes sense. If necessary, we rebuild all variants of kite bladders, replace bladder valves of all kinds
    and can offer any kind of kite bladder repair in Berlin.

    Any repair of Kite Fronttube & Struts is gladly carried out by us, because here our experience with the various kite models comes into play.
    We know the ever-reocurring vulnerabilities of different kites and have the experience needed to find great solutions and ensure the full functionality of your kite.

    Do not go to just anyone, because in Kite Fronttube & Strut's Repairs all the work processes have to be in order to avoid a price explosion due to incorrect or unprofessional repair steps.

Showing 1 - 41 of 41 items

Showing 1 - 41 of 41 items

Spareparts - Kitesurfing

So you can fix your material quickly, you'll find everything here for kite repair, bar repair, line replacement and everthing else that wears off.

The main replacement bladder and replacement struts, valves, lines, drysuit spare parts, tapes & patches, bar spare parts, board spare parts, glue & resin,
screws and many other spare parts of the big top brands, we constantly have everything in stock and otherwise order your missing parts, if it should not be in stock.

If you have no experience with repair work or just no time for it, we will gladly carry out the repair and the replacement for you!