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Kite Raceboards - Speed Freeride  There are 4 products.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Kite-Raceboards - Speed Freeride Kiteboards

Do you want to reach new unimaginable speeds while kitesurfing? You really want to cruise against the wind and cover kilometers?

Then it's time for your first raceboard!

With Kite Raceboards, you'll reach speeds you would not even have achieved with your twintip at 30 knots in a bathtub.
Of course, every other big lightwind twintip can´t stand a chance against a kite raceboard. You will hardly have days when the wind is not enough for kitesurfing.
Besides, you will not believe what is possible with a Raceboard, when you´re suddenly driving angles against the wind.
With a raceboard you´ll maybe even struggle to go back downwind, but never the other way around. The big Finns on raceboards really let you drive almost every conceivable angle.

In the assortment we also have Speed ​​Freeride Boards in addition to the thoroughbred Kite Raceboards. These are a kind of mix of a waveboard and a raceboard.
Ideal for long distances and kite exploration.

The modern Kite Raceboards and Speed ​​Freeride Kiteboards allow high speeds and unbelievable upwind abilities, even under 10 knots of wind.