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Mountainboard Bearings - Landboard Bearings

If you are riding a lot on uneven meadows with your mountainboard / landboard, sometimes one or the other ball bearing on your mountainboard gets broken.
With frequent Landkiteboarding on the beach, the sand and the salty humidity damages your bearings.

The ball bearings are thus permanent wear parts, therefore we have all current Mountainboard ball bearing sizes for ATBs / Kitelandboards available.

There are a lot of different ball bearings for mountainboards. Very important here are the different internal and external diameters.
When buying a ball bearing, pay attention to wgich the truck is mounted. It is also important, whether it is a large or small outer diameter.

Best you measure your ball bearing before the new purchase and compare exactly with the stock, which you want to buy.

If you do not have an old bearing available, the axle diameter and the dimension of the ball bearing fit in the rim must be determined thoroughly.

If you still have questions about mountainboard ball bearings for ATB's and kite boards, our expert staff is happy to help.