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Neoprene gloves - For kitesurfing, surfing & SUP in the cold

Our range of neoprene accessories at Coronation Berlin naturally also includes neoprene gloves.
If you don't want to run the risk of not feeling your fingers on the bar at colder temperatures, you will appreciate your pair of neoprene gloves.

What types of neoprene gloves are there?

Neoprene gloves come in various styles and models for different purposes and also differ in material and pre-forming. From the classic five-finger glove to the mitten, from semi-dry to completely waterproof, from 2mm to 6mm thickness. Some neoprene gloves have a special material in the palm of the hand that prevents them from slipping off wet objects.

Which neoprene gloves should I use?

When choosing neoprene gloves you should keep in mind that thicker neoprene or a mitten insulates more heat, but it also makes gripping more difficult and strenuous. Most mobility is achieved with five-finger gloves, especially in pre-curved neoprene gloves. It is therefore worthwhile to consider at which temperatures you will frequently go into the water before the purchase in order to find a good compromise.

As a guideline, you can say that it is time for neoprene gloves at a water temperature of 10-12°C and lower. At these temperatures a neoprene thickness of max. 3 mm is usually sufficient. Thicker models from 3 up to 6mm become relevant at temperatures below 10°C.

We will be happy to help you choose the right neoprene glove for you from our range!