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Paddel 2-pcs adjustable

The two-piece adjustable paddle is the most commonly used form of SUP paddle. Most paddles can usually be adjusted from 160cm - 220cm.

The two-piece paddles are the right choice for families, as well as all other Paddle boarders who want to share a board with one or more people.
Depending on the paddle, the lengths can be adjusted completely stepless or with a lock function to various levels.
Of course, the two-piece adjustable paddle is also of great advantage when it comes to transportation. Not everyone has the space for a fix paddle , if you want to SUP at another spot.

The paddles are made of different materials depending on price and quality. In the low price range, the paddles are made of aluminum.
Of course, the aluminum paddles are the toughest and best equipped for bad handling and bumping. The disadvantage here, however, is the relatively high weight of the paddles.

Somewhat higher quality and lighter are the fibreglass paddles. These paddles already have a much more comfortable weight, but are not yet very shock sensitive.
Often there are the glass fibre paddles in combination with a wood veneer.

The highest quality and lightest paddles are made of carbon fibre. There is either a carbon and glass fibre mix or 100% carbon.
The higher the carbon percentage, the lighter the paddle. In addition, carbon has higher restoring forces than glass fiber and thus also significantly more performance.
With a paddle stroke, the most energy is converted into propulsion.

Of course, the correct blade size should be chosen. Roughly speaking, a heavier driver also takes the bigger blade.
But it also depends very much on whether you go in waves (large blade for stability), a race (short distance = large blade, long distance = small blade) or just want to cruise.
When simply cruising, it's basically a matter of taste whether you're going for frequency with a small blade or power with a bigger one.

If you have any further questions about two-piece adjustable paddles, we are of course always available.