Osprey Street Carve Board 29 inch Haydes



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Osprey Street Carve Board 29 inch Haydes

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Osprey Street Carve Board 29 inch Haydes

Osprey Street Carve Board 29 inch Haydes Beschreibung:

If you're a surfer frustrated by the lack of decent swell or looking to try an slightly different approach to skating, the Osprey Steet Carve Board is the answer to your prayers.

In contrast to its static back truck, the Osprey Street Carve Board features a front 'move' truck that enables it to turn like a surfboard. This has been achieved by incorporating a spring into the truck arm, which pulls it back to the correct position after every turn. By pumping the board as you would a surfboard, Osprey's evolutionary truck design enables forward thrust to be achieved.

Because the carve board gives the impression of riding waves it's a great way of improving surf skills and honing balance. The board is available with either a Haydes or Boardwalk design. The underside of the Haydes carving longboard features two funky variations of the Osprey logo and a stylish combination of grey swirls and strokes. In contrast, the underside of the Boardwalk Carve Board has been printed with a striking striped design that exposes the wood beneath it and has a classic vintage appearance.

The carving board has been made using a 7ply design of Chinese and Canadian maple. The deck has a kicktail design enabling tricks and ollies to be executed whilst cruising and carving. It has also been coated with hardwearing grip tape for greater balance during a ride. The deck even has a concave mid-section so that the skateboarder can dig their feet in and achieve even greater grip during aggressive turns.

The trucks are made from high-quality aluminium and are connected to PU cast wheels that utilist ABEC-7 carbon bearings for a quicker, smoother ride. Another brilliant feature is that the carve board's size makes it perfect for carrying in a rucksack or bag! The Osprey Street Carve Board's evolutionary spring arm truck design will give users the ultimate surf sensation without even hitting the water.

Osprey Street Carve Board 29 inch Haydes technical information:

  •     5ply Chinese and 2ply Canadian maple deck
  •     Concave mid-section
  •     Single kick design
  •     80AB black grip tape
  •     15.2cm front 'move' truck with adjustable tension
  •     15.2cm rear aluminium truck
  •     3mm rubber risers
  •     PU cast wheels
  •     ABEC-7 carbon bearings
  •     Great for cruising, carving and hill riding

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