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Eleveight PS V4 - Progression Freeride Series

A gentle and durable power-kite with nifty features, tailored to the needs of freeriders and kite schools to boost skill progression and maximize fun on the water.

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Eleveight PS V4 2021 Kite - Progression Freeride


Collaborating with various kite schools, we further optimized the PS. Our V4 three-strut hybrid has an improved ease-of-use, maximized wind range, and enhanced durability. To achieve this, we made multiple changes while preserving the kite's original character.
Foremost, we introduced the hyper-strong X4 Ripstop canopy made by Teijin Techno Force™. It increases the stability,
responsiveness as well as the steering precision of the kite. Our redesigned trailing edge and struts are lighter and minimize drag, which results in a significant leap in low-end performance and agility.
Furthermore, our new bridle concept with better pulley placements delivers more tamable flight
characteristics with direct bar feedback. The kite's DNA, its safety features, and the latest improvements make the PS the ideal tool for schools and newcomers.


● Swept three-strut hybrid design for rapid progression and fun sessions
● Amazing upwind performance and huge wind range
● Ultra-stable and forgiving flying characteristics
● Heavy-duty built quality with strong reinforcements
● Care-free riding with innovative safety features and automatic relaunch

2021 Changes

● Improved stability and durability with less canopy stretch thanks to X4 Ripstop Canopy made by Teijin Techno Force™
● Enhanced agility due to the new lightweight construction of load-diffusers along the trailing edge
● More responsive and precise steering characteristics and improved bar feedback achieved by a
new bridle design with better pulley positioning
● More dynamic flying characteristics with high-performance strut design that reduces drag

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