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Eleveight XS V1 - Extreme Freeride Series

The delta hybrid design of the brand new ExtremeSeries kite allows riders to break the boundaries of big air. Its extreme boost amazes even obsessive adrenalin addicts.

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Eleveight XS V1 2021 Kite - Extreme Freeride


Our latest addition to our kite range, the ExtremeSeries, was created to push the boundaries of big air. The XS has a sophisticated delta hybrid design with a high aspect ratio, featuring a massive angle-of-attack. It is a high-performance crossover kite that sits between the FS and RS. The extended hang time is perfect for old school hooked-in tricks. Steering is fast and responsive. To withstand the extreme forces of big airs, we designed an ultra-sturdy five-strut frame that delivers stability in all situations. It has a fantastic low-end performance thanks to the superior aerodynamics and swept wingtips. Add the XS to your quiver to boost beyond your personal best.


● Five-strut delta hybrid design for adrenaline addicts and boosting freaks
● Extreme big air kite with an explosive lift and long hang time
● Massive grunt in all wind conditions for freeride versatility
● Ultra-sturdy construction for maximum stability and longevity
● Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics

Eleveight XS V1 2021 - Extreme Freeride Series - jetzt bei uns im Kiteshop Berlin oder online zum Top Preis kaufen!

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