Firewire GO FISH Surfboard


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Firewire Go Fish (Machado)

  • Ability: Beginner - Expert
  • Bottom Contours: Board Eat Board
  • Rails: Full
  • Ideal Wave Size: 1-5ft
  • Linear Flex Technology

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Firewire Go Fish Surfboard

“This board just makes me want to surf.” Rob beams.

He continues “No matter what the waves are like, whether it’s Kelly’s wave or a beach break in France, I just love how speedy and drivey it is, and I love the unique lines it lets me draw.”

But it’s not just Rob’s love of this LFT shape that made it one of the most in-demand boards of 2017.

All the attention came from word of mouth recommendations in lineups everywhere and detailed conversations online about this shapes compatibility with many twin fin templates. But what started it all was rack appeal…

Visually, the Go Fish sits excitedly at the intersection of “Brand-New” and “Totally Familiar” – the same traditional outline that every fish enthusiast is familiar with, but containing an entirely new approach to bottom contours.

This Rob Machado design is an advanced adjustment to a proven fish concept, and it’s easy to imagine it working fantastically on the face of wave when you hold it under your arm, fingers wrapped around a familiar rail, on the edge of a concave that feels uncommonly exciting.

That’s why we’re carrying it into 2018 with a lot of expected attention.

5' 01"20"2 1/8"25.5 L
5' 03"20 1/4"2 3/16"27.4 L
5' 05"20 3/8"2 1/4"29.3 L
5' 07"20 1/2"2 5/16"31.1 L
5' 09"20 5/8"2 3/8"33.1 L
5' 11"20 3/4"2 7/16"35.0 L
6' 01"21 1/4"2 5/8"39.5 L
6' 03"21 1/2"2 3/4"42.9 L

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