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Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser

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Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser

Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser Beschreibung:

With its retro 70s design and mind-bending graphics the Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser is a very rare beast indeed, combining stunning looks with the features needed for maximum performance.
The mini cruiser's deck has been made out of tough 7ply Canadian maple with a single kick concave design. Not only does the concave design allow greater control of the mini cruiser but, thanks to its single kick design, flicks and ollies are executable whilst cruising about town. High quality grip tape, embossed with a line through the middle and decorated with a small Osprey design, allows greater control of the mini skateboard cruiser.
An Osprey design has also been incorporated on the reverse of the skateboard cruiser deck. The design features vibrant green lines in a symmetrical pattern with an Osprey logo in the centre. Accompanying the logo is a seriously cool image depicting a skateboard wheel with wings (must have seen this board and gone to skateboard heaven).
Sandwiched between the deck and the heavy-duty base and trucks are durable PU cushions. The cushions greatly improve the mini cruiser skateboard's manoeuvrability, allowing turns to be executed with greater precision and ease. PU cast wheels have been coloured to match the green design on the base of the board and decorated with funky Osprey prints. The wheels utilise high-quality ABEC-7 chrome bearings which reduce friction for a smoother and quicker ride.
The Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser features a design to die for and cruises with amazing response and superb speed. For those looking for a retro board that's all set up and ready to ride, this little baby offers the complete cruiser skateboard package.

Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser technical information:

  •     24? x 6.25? 7ply Canadian maple deck
  •     Single kick concave design
  •     Black grip tape
  •     5in heavy duty trucks and base
  •     4mm risers
  •     65mm x 51mm PU cast wheels
  •     PU cushions
  •     ABEC-7 chrome bearings
  •     Funky print on deck and wheels
  •     A great board for cruising!

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