RRD Salerose V4 LTD Waveboard 2018

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RRD Salerosa V4 LTD Waveboard 2018

The RRD Salerosa Wave Kiteboard was developed over the years for onshore conditions but from the V2 onwards, RRD moved it one step forward as a pure, all-round ripper from knee high to triple overhead waves.

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RRD Salerosa V4 LTD Waveboard 2018

This board has a quad fin set up and was developed by Abel Lago. The quad fins make the V4 go fast down the line, gives it a tight grip on the wave, and makes it incredibly manoeuvrable. Combine this with a similar rocker of the Maquina, but using slightly more tail kick, and finished off with a squared-swallow tail; the result is a magnificent board that can dig deep, pivot on a dime, and break the fins loose off the lip for some legit kitesurfing!

RRD Salerosa V4 LTD Waveboard 2018 Features

  • Thin rails from nose to tail
  • Super thin profile throughout
  • Deep concave throughout the entire board with a flat, kicked tail, released by a progressive rocker.
  • Quad fin set up for maximum grip
  • Squared / swallow tail to mix extra release and tail support
  • Supplied with 11 x stomp hexagonal micro deck pads to customize your deck grip in between front and rear pads.

The Salerosa comes out in two different technologies to choose between: CLASSIC PU and LTD

RRD Salerosa V4 Classic Waveboard Construction

The Classic PU construction has been developed to create pure surfboards for pure wave riding and to allow control over choppy waters. We have improved the weight and strength of the boards this year. We are now using a H1–volume lightweight pigment in the resin. This type of resin fills up the holes in the foam and reduces the amount of resin content in the glass fibers, making the boards lighter. The Classic boards have low fiber memory and low foam memory at the same time. This low memory gives our boards a proper surfboard feel. We recommend the Classic PU technology to the riders who love a comfortable ride which this construction provides through its flexibility.

RRD Salerosa V4 LTD Waveboard Construction

The LTD construction was introduced two years ago on our surf and SUP board range. Built with a lightweight technology that allows flex, control, and scoop-rocker line accuracy. The board is built with a CNC EPS core of 20 kgs/m3 density, then laminated with 200 grms biaxial glass fibers and finished with a 55 grams carbon net over a bamboo stepping deck vacuum glued onto the board at 90° compared to the stringer length so as to avoid excessive stiffness onto the board flex.

So this construction is slightly lighter than the Classic PU, for about 300-400 grams, but the difference is not as much the weight, but it is stronger and has the EPS foam core. The EPS core makes the board more buoyant because the foam retains more air. The boards in the LTD construction feel alive! Not only because of their light weight, but mainly due to the added floatation. These boards were created specifically to ride strapless and are ideal for strapless freestyle. They are meant for riders that want a lightweight board that can also be controlled at high speeds.

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