CrazyFly SICK barre 2020 Kite barre

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CrazyFly Sick Bar - simple and clean.

40cm / 45cm / 50cm / 55cm

  • The only bar made in Europe
  • AFNOR NF S52-503 certified safety
  • Single front line flag out
  • Extremely lightweight

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CrazyFly Sick Bar 2020 Kite Bar


Die Crazyfly Sick Bar ist ein hochmodernes Steuersystem und vereint Sicherheit, Komfort, Haltbarkeit und SchlichtheitMit Sicherheit als oberste Priorität, verfügt die Sick Bar über ein single front line flag out welches der internationalen Sicherheitsnorm AFNOR NF S52-503 entspricht.
Sick Bar exklusiv, sie verfügt über einen 
Premium Leder Grip für unerreichten Komfort und hohe Lebensdauer. Um das ganze abzurunden wird die Sick Bar mit hochqualitativen Dyneema® Leinen made in Germany ausgestattet. Es ist die einzige Bar mit Voll Carbon Konstruktion am Markt sowie die einzige Bar die komplett in Europa gefertigt wird.

Tech Specs

KITE SIZE:3m5m7m8m9m10m11m12m13m14m15m17m
BAR LENGTH:40cm45cm45/50cm50cm55cm
LINES LENGTH:20m24m24m + 3/6m ext.


CrazyFly Sick Bar 2020 Kite Bar


The 2020 CrazyFly Sick Bar is a state of the art control system blending together safety, comfort, durability and simplicity.

With safety being the top priority, the Sick bar has a single front line flag out. It ensures 100% collapse of the kite in all situations when the safety is triggered.

The Sick Click push away quick release conforms to the French safety norm AFNOR NF S52-503. It can be easily triggered with low force in all conditions. Re-loading the Sick Click system is fast and easy, even in difficult conditions.

The CrazyFly Sick Bar can be used in two safety modes: standard and suicide. 
The standard safety mode provides 100% safety in all situations. We strongly recommend to use the standard safety mode. 
The suicide modes should only be used by experts, because it does not offer full depower of the kite when losing the bar.

The Sick Bar features Marine SS Smart Cleat, which is strategically placed above the bar, for easy power adjustments on the go. Under the Smart Cleat, we designed a brand new DuPont® Polymer Stoperball, which also unites the PU Tube and Smart Cleat. We completely re-worked the leash connection point below the quick release and introduced the Spinnect untwist leash connector.

The bar ends are shorter and stiffer while the floaters can be nicely folded for easy pack downs and safe self rescue.

Sick bar exclusive, it features a brand new premium Italian Tecno Prestige Leather grip from for unmatched comfort and long lasting durability.

The swivel is integrated under the bar, where it is easy and comfortable to reach for untwisting the front lines after a rotational trick or a kite loop.

Making things simple and clean, we covered the safety line and the center line in a PU tube. The PU tube prevents all wear and tear of the central line and allows for smooth sheeting and handling of the kite.

For unmatched comfort and durability, the bar itself has a full carbon construction, making it one of the strongest and lightest bars on the market.

The Sick Bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe in the CrazyFly factory and made only from European materials and components.

The Sick Bar is topped with high quality Liros® Dyneema flying lines made in Germany. The lines are pre-stretched with a heavy load, ensuring no further elongation of the lines. Dark grey color of the lines makes them clearly visible when setting up the kite in snow.

Packed with all the great features, yet still comfortable and safe to use. The 2020 CrazyFly Sick Bar – Simple and Clean.

Tech Specs

KITE SIZE:3m5m7m8m9m10m11m12m13m14m15m17m
BAR LENGTH:40cm45cm45/50cm50cm55cm
LINES LENGTH:20m24m24m + 3/6m ext.

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