Ocean Rodeo 2010 Kite Bar SLE 3.0

Ocean Rodeo 2010 Kite Bar SLE 3.

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Ocean Rodeo 2010 Kite Bar SLE 3.0

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Ocean Rodeo Kite Bar SLE 3.0


User friendly design. Simple, time proven tried and tested push away release. Made for control, comfort and safety. Built to last.
Ocean Rodeos latest generation SLE Bar offers the most desirable features in terms of performance and safety ever offered in a kite bar.

This year we didnt just raise the bar
Weve taken it to the next level.

Ocean rodeo SLE 3.0 Kite Bar features:

Bar Construction: Ergonomically formed extruded alloy tubes are fused to a computer shaped solid alloy center delivering the perfect combination of strength, comfort and light weight.

Ergonomically shaped for the ultimate in comfort, the bar matches your hands natural grip, resulting in more comfort and control.

Integrated bar end / floats do double duty adding floatation and padding. The molded EVA ends are designed to make winding lines easy.

Adjustable Bar lengths.  Available in 2 sizes, simply pull the rear line leader from side to side through the bar end to set your bar length:  Available in two sizes: 42cm to 49cm or 48cm to 55cm.

Textured Bar Grip: embossed EVA bar grip is colored to for easy left/right port/starboard recognition.

Refined trim line center hole allows for unrestricted bar movement while polished alloy centre reduces center line wear.

Stretch cord line retainers:  Elastic cord retracts inside bar end when not in use.

Self aligning trim loop: The top molded section of the chicken loop mates with center line slot. When unhooked the chicken loop will position flat facing you for easy hook in.

Easy trim loop replacement: Trim loops can be ordered in different sizes and are easy to install thanks to the chicken loop hub system.

Front line spreader bar: Stainless steel front line swivel assembly auto rotates with front line tension, minimizing front line twist.

Ergonomic release cuff: Easy to locate and grip in an emergency situation, the cuff can be activated even when chicken loop is tight against the bar.

New reduced profile cleat provides easy operation with less wear to the trim line.

Trim loop tubing features stiffer construction making hooking and unhooking easier while increasing durability.

Donkey dick is mechanically attached to the chicken loop and can be easily removed or repositioned.

Kite leash (included with bar) shown attached to centre line.

The bulged shape around the center allows easier spreading of the fingers, to let the trim line pass through.

The SLE 3.0 Bar comes complete with two attachment straps for you harness. The lower fits on a harness spreader bar. The top strap can be used for a handle pass leash attachment when the leash must slide.

Bar Lengths
Available in two sizes:

42cm to 49cm
48cm to 55cm

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