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JN Kite Bar Switchcraft 2

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JN Bar Switchcraft 2 Bar 25m 4 Lines Kite-Bar 48cm

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JN Jochum & Nesler Kite Bar Switchcraft 2


The new Switchcraft 2 is an allround bar. It is suitable for all typesof kites thanks to the various possibilities to attach the safety linewith its sophisticated leading through the system and a removable /upgradeable fifth line. With its revolutionary maximum safetyQuickrelease, comfortable 3D grip and patented turnable bar horns, JNSwitchcraft fits all riders needs. The special turnable bar horns,realize the adjustment of 4 different bar sizes. What makes the barvery comfortable during unhooked moves is the aluminium-coated ovalthat clicks into the bar hole. So the chickenloop is always perfectlypositioned to hook back in. The sophisticated setup of the 5th lineprovides excellent safety standards at all times and setups andprevents the safety from twisting after kite loops or rotations.

JN Kite Bar Switchcraft 2


    * easy push away quick release.
    * turnable bar ends.
    * make 4 length-options.
    * 4 and 5 line mode.
    * 4 safety modes.
    * turnable 5th line.
    * autolock chickenloop.
    * suits all shapes.

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