Gaastra Max 4 2010 Freestyle-Kite - 12qm - Kite only

Gaastra Max 2010 - 12qm only

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Gaastra Max 4 2010 Freestyle-Kite - 12qm - Kite only

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Gaastra Max 2010 Hybrid Freestyle-Kite

Gaastra Max The Hybrid Freestyle Kite

When you are looking for a no- compromise freestyle kite, the all new Gaastra Max is your easy choice. This state of the art freestyle kite will make your competitors cry when they see your effortless unhooked power moves. This modern C kite has all the advantages of a modern kite. It has a huge range and will withstand intense punishment due to its bullet proof quality and proven Gaastra construction. Advanced aerodynamic technology coming from NACA profiles give the Gaastra MAX newfound advantages over any other kite out there.

Get radical with the all new Gaastra Max !


Gaastra Max Windrange:

 10.0 12.014.0
 24-40 Kn 18-35 Kn 15-30 Kn 12-26 Kn 11-21 Kn 10-18 Kn

Gaastra MAX Facts:

  • Fast turning: This kite gives ultimate control for the crazy moves
  • Direct steering: Combined with the optimized profile give more low end grunt and more leeward acceleration allowing the kite to do what you tell it to
  • V-Line Connection: The Gaastra V-Line Power Connection system offers more precise power/depower control. This Leading Edge Angle of Attack Stabilization System gives less torsion in the tip area and promotes faster turning
  • Refined leading edge: The newly designed trailing edge is aerodynamically approved for optimized shape characteristics while the new strut shape supports the foil giving a solid feel to this incredible kite
  • Full Dacron Frame: Tough lightweight construction offers reinforcements where it´s needed the most. Gaastras superior manufacturing technology pays specific attention to workflow details at all seams and every stitch. The full Dacron frame provides a bullet proof and lightweight perimeter of protection that will keep the kite in top notch condition
  • Speedpump: Delivers quick and easy setup
  • NACA profiles: The redesigned Gaastra Max will get you a more solid flying experience. The proven NACA  profiles give ultimate power and control to the rider
  • 5th line: The Max offers a 5th line setup to balance out flying behavior and offer safety and comfort
  • Easy relaunch: The Max specializes in quick and easy relaunches, enabling you to spend more time on the water.






Great performance and real fun are the reason to take the new Gaastra Max 2010.

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